Gabrielle Galvan graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2020 with a M.A in mental health counseling. Between graduate school and becoming a LPC Associate. Gabrielle gained experience working at a methadone clinic, inpatient mental health hospital, grief support non-profit, and a private practice setting. Gabrielle has experience working with pre/adolescents ages 11 and up as well as adults. Gabrielle loves spending time with her family and gaining new experiences through travel.

Do you want to increase your resilience? Are you tired of anxiety, depression, OCD, substance use, or the inability to cope with life transitions (new/loss of job, new baby, divorce, co-parenting etc.) get in the way of experiencing a life worth living? You may feel stuck in cycle with no way out. Our brain is pattern seeking and as we have all experienced patterns/habits are hard to break. When we live in a constant state such as anxiety for example, we train ourselves to live in a constant cycle of worry. Let me help you identify, process, & learn specific skills to create healthier pattern/habits.

DBT helps improve areas such as mindfulness, relationships, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. I provide growth work (specific DBT skills) related to your needs. Although I am a virtual therapist, I provide visual aids (whiteboard) to ensure understanding of skills to obtain the best outcome as possible through out your growth experience.

Life can be hard and sharing your experiences with a stranger can be difficult. I'm open minded and enjoy creating a comfortable environment. I would love to work towards gaining your trust and helping you strive for a life worth living.